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Resources can be moved from job to job, location to location, or task to task within a job.  User definable prompts make to easy to get just the information you need from the field, shop, or office.  DataMaxx specializes in workforce automation for companies with large or small workforces and can handle multiple locations and job sites.  Capturing data from wherever and whenever it happens and getting it to your fingertips is what we do best!


Choose from a wide variety of devices, including Smartphones, tablets, rugged scanning devices, wall clocks, PC based and web based with various methods of identification and transmission. Our biometric devices include a fingerprint scanner, as well as a biometric reader utilizing hand geometry.  RFID readers and bar code readers are especially useful for labor, inventory control tracking and equipment tracking.  With the DataMaxx system, you can choose the best method of identification for you.  We can supply ID card printing systems, produce ID badges for you, as well as supply rugged data collection devices and bar code labels.  We work with you and your staff on training and implementation to make the most of your automated data collection system.



Device Options




Smartphones and Tablets


Turn your Smartphone or tablet into a time tracking system, as well as allow your supervisor to enter important daily job activity information.  Track time, equipment, production, or materials used and daily report information.  Enjoy wireless transmission from the field to your office.  Signature capture, bar code scanning, crew features, as well as GPS coordinates provide valuable means of getting the data you need from the field.


Rugged Mobile Scanner


The mobile scanner is an extremely rugged, durable bar code reader that functions as a construction time clock or other resource tracking option.  It can be used to scan employee time, equipment used on the jobsite, and production quantities, and is simple and easy to use.  The mobile scanner can be brought back to any computer for transfer of data


Rugged PDA


One of our most powerful mobile workforce solutions. Combine handheld barcode scanners or handheld RFID readers with the power of a PDA in a rugged portable device. Software data collection has never been easier. Use the barcode scanner or RFID reader to scan data in or select from a drop down list on a touch screen. Collect electronic timesheet information, as well as equipment, materials, production quantities and daily report information. Supervisors can transmit wirelessly through any WI-FI hot spot, wireless data carrier on certain models, or bring back to a cradle for syncing.




Wall Clock


Data-Maxx provides industry leading quality in clocks capable of handling a wide variety of data, as well as featuring open ended networking, allowing you to grow from one clock to dozens as you grow your business. Choose from card swipe time clocks, fingerprint recognition time clocks, proximity time clocks, Ethernet time clocks, as well as wireless transmission time clocks. User definable prompts for fields of entry on screen available with dropdown choices, keyboard entry, or scanning of bar codes or ID badges.  Add fingerprint verification.   Our wide variety of time clock choices gives you powerful employee time tracking choices.




Biometric Clock


With biometric identification, you get the best of both worlds: peace of mind of quality biometric security, and a timekeeping system that collects, processes, and automates an astounding variety of important daily information. The biometric readers use hand geometry technology, taking measurements of the hand simultaneously, allowing for quick user verification and eliminating buddy-punching. Choose from several construction time clock models and features including bar code reader, card swipe, access control, and input of departments, jobs, and tasks. DataMaxx employee clocking software and Biometric transmission methods include serial, modem, and Ethernet.






Use PCMAXX on any Windows based PC to collect data and have all the functionality and features of a wall clock, but running on a PC. Use in the office or at the jobsite to create a construction time clock. Add any of our various data capture tools (listed below) such as a touch screen, bar code swipe or gun readers, RFID readers, or fingerprint readers for greater functionality. Or simply have the employee key in their employee number.  You can verify the employee, scan the data with a bar code reader, or choose the information from a drop down list. Implement it as a kiosk terminal for multiple employees or for one office employee at their desk. PCMAXX can also be used as a construction time clock at a remote job site as well as at a remote shop or officer.




Time Entry


Data-Maxx Time Entry was designed for employee individual time reporting for field or office personnel allowing them to enter their time a week at a glance. Choose from drop downs such as department, job, phase, cost code, regular, overtime, double time, sick, vacation, personal time, etc. Add dollar amounts to be reimbursed for expenses. Supports remote connectivity for mobile workforces and also functions as a contractor timesheet.



Daily Report


Now you can run your business with accurate daily job information. Know what's happening day-to-day on any given project. The supervisor can record time attendance data, equipment, materials, productivity, weather, extra work, notes, impacts, submittals, meetings, inspections, injuries, safety, and more. User friendly interface allows your supervisors to enter time and attendance information, or use one of our many electronic or portable time clocks to record time, and allow the supervisor to allocate that time to various tasks turn on or off just the features you need with a simple click. The DataMaxx Daily Report can operate as a standalone product that syncs wirelessly to your office or the supervisor can run the software straight from your server. Drop downs of information come straight from your accounting system and reported data is posted back to your accounting system.




Accessories and Automated Data Collection Tools

Bar Code Gun


Connect a bar code reader gun to your data collection terminal. Makes data entry simple and accurate. The Data-Maxx system allows you to print bar codes for employees, equipment, material items, departments, jobs, phases, cost codes and more.

Bar Code or Magnetic Stripe Reader


Utilize a swipe bar code reader or MAG stripe reader attached to your PC to read employee bar code ID cards or Mag Stripe ID cards. Utilize with Data-Maxx employee time tracking software for a quick, easy payroll solution.

Biometric Fingerprint Reader


Fingerprint readers provide biometric identification so you know the employee clocking in or out is verified. USB connection allows you to attach the reader to your PC. Utilize with PCMAXX fingerprint recognition software or other DataMaxx data collection methods for quick, easy employee identification. Our fingerprint scanners allow you to adjust the match threshold, controlling the verification of the print.

Touch Screen Monitor


Create a kiosk system with the functionality of a touch screen monitor. Allow employees to touch the screen to choose job or task information, or input other important data. Utilize with PCMAXX or other DataMaxx construction time collection methods for an easy input time and attendance solution. Choose from a large selection of sizes to meet your needs.

ID Badge Printing System


Create customized, durable, and secure employee ID badges customized to suit your needs. The DataMaxx Badge ID system produces employee identification cards from PVA plastic, combining precise data collection with effective security that lasts. DataMaxx PVC swipe cards are tougher than laminated badges, easier to use, and highly adaptable - because you control one hundred percent of their content. Insert your logo, and employee photo, certifications, or other important information on your employee's ID card.
















Construction Time Clock

Attendance Tracking
































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