DataMaxx - Construction Equipment Tracking and Small Tools Tracking for Mobile Workforce Management

Our customers use our poweful data collection software and portable data collection devices to track important equipment and imformation.  With the DataMaxx equipment tracking system, you can choose a rugged bar code reader or an RFID reader as well as Smartphones and tablets to check in and out small tools and equipment to a job, to a truck, or to an employee.  Accurately track where your tools and equipment are going and where they are now by scanning the item out as it leaves, when it returns, or when it moves from job to job, truck to truck, or employee to employee.  Data can be scanned with a portable scanner or a touch screen drop down list, as well as unattended RFID readers.  User definable menus let you determine what information needs to be obtained when equipment or tools are checked in, checked out, or moved from one job, truck, or employee to another.

With our barcode software, you can print bar codes straight from the DataMaxx system for the items to track either in label form or notebook form.  You can also attach pre-printed metallic, fabric, or riveted metal bar code tags for durability from our large selection of bar code tag vendors.  In addition, you can choose to track your items by choosing them from dropdown lists which can be populated per job or device.

In addition to capturing information on the ins and outs of equipment and small tools, you can also use our tracking software on the jobsite for input or scan of equipment hours used on the job.  The supervisor can record the number of hours the equipment was used, the job and cost code it was used on, whether it was idle and meter readings, as well as the operator.  You can also use the Data-Maxx equipment tracking system to capture hours of maintenance work done on equipment and the task that was performed, allowing you to pull reports of maintenance and repair of specific pieces of equipment.

Best of all, we can transfer this data electronically to your accounting system and/or construction management project software.  We can bring over your equipment, jobs, cost codes, and other vital information as well as send captured data back.

Tracking equipment has never been easier with the DataMaxx handheld data collection.  Take a moment to view a list of our equipment system features on our System Features page.


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