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Achieving Mobile Workforce Automation

One of the largest issues you face is collecting labor hours in a timely manner, getting those hours job cost to the proper jobs, phases, and/or cost codes and getting them to your payroll system and/or construction cost software.  We have years of experience automating companies like yours and helping them to achieve capturing construction time of their mobile workforces, thereby eliminating the many hours you spend now manually performing those tasks.

We can recommend and supply equipment that will make the mobile data collection easy for you and your staff.  Whether you want to clock employee time in and out and switch jobs and cost codes throughout the day or whether you want them to enter the hours, jobs and cost codes at the end of the day, we have time and attendance tracking software that is right for you.

DataMaxx offers the largest selection of payroll time attendance equipment available today as well as provide software applications for hardware you may already have such as Smartphones and tablets.  You can mix and match devices for your environment so you can choose the data collection tool that is right for your staff.  Employees can be reported on multiple devices and all data transmits back to your office.  You can utilize Smartphones, tablets, mobile time clocks, electronic time clocks, a wireless bar code scanner ruggedized for the field, RFID readers, biometric time clock, fingerpint time clock, web based time clock or entry portal, PC time clock, or your supervisors can even use our Daily Report module to enter or edit/approve time, as well as report other activities that occur at the jobsite on Smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, much like a contractor timesheet.  Our bar code software can produce employee badges with your company logo, employee photo, as well as other important information.

With our employee clocking software, you can capture contractor time, field service work, perform construction equipment tracking, and our production system allows them to report quantities installed per job and cost code.  Now you can get accurate production reports by crew, by job, or by cost code.  And best of all, the information is captured electronically and passed on to your construction cost software and payroll system electronically.

Wireless field force automation and time attendance management is at your fingertips.  Take a moment to look at our the many device options you have with DataMaxx on our Collection Devices page, view a full list of features on our System Features page, and put the DataMaxx data collection software to work for you today!

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