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Concerned about materials being taken or used for jobs and not getting to your job cost accounting software?  Our powerful data collection software and portable data collection devices allow you to track material items as they arrive and leave your shop, warehouse, or jobsite.  With the DataMaxx inventory tracking system you can choose to utilize a rugged bar code reader or RFID readers as well as Smartphones and tablets to check in and out materials to a job, truck, or employee.  Accurately track where your items are going by scanning the item out as it leaves, when it returns or as it moves.  Data can be entered via dropdown lists or scanned via bar codes.  User definable data collection fields let you determine what information needs to be obtained when materials are checked in, out or moved from jobs, locations, trucks, or employees.

With our bar code software, you can print bar codes for the items you want to track either in label or notebook form.  You can also attach pre-printed metallic, fabric, or riveted metal tags for durability from our large selection of bar code tag vendors.  Gain time by scanning the vendor bar code as you receive deliveries and track serial numbers in addition to other important information, including production as the item moves within your organization.  

In addition to capturing information on the issues or returns of material items, you can also use our tracking software to collect data on transfers, physical counts and even receive purchase orders and fill requisitions that have been requested for a job through your accounting software.  Material usage, receipt and order information can also be entered through our Daily Report software intended for use on a laptop.  See all of our many choices for data collection on our Collection Devices page.

And best of all, our materials tracking system works two way with your accounting system and/or construction cost software.  We can bring over your items, locations, vendors, jobs, cost codes, vendors, purchase orders and requisitions, as well as send information back.  You can choose to use the Data-Maxx inventory control system standalone with valuable edit screens and reports for quantities on hand, physical count adjustments, returns, transfers and more.

Tracking inventory has never been easier with the DataMaxx handheld data collection system.  Take a moment to view a list of our inventory and materials tracking system features on our System Features page, or request an online demonstration of our inventory software and start realizing control of your materials today.

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