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DataMaxx Time Attendance Management and Payroll Time Attendance Software Features

  • Supports input from multiple devices including Smartphones and tablets (ANDROID and Apple with bar code scanning or dropdown lists, rugged PDAs with built in bar code readers, RFID readers, touch screen kiosks, wall clocks with card swipe or proximity, biometric hand punch readers or fingerprint readers, Ethernet, WI-FI, and data plan transmission, as well as PC and web based input.  GPS technology available.
  • Server, remote (wireless), and network device based.  Terminal Server, Citrix, and web based supported.
  • Disconnected state Smartphone/tablet/laptop apps requiring internet connection only when syncing to server
  • Powerful SQL database engine with .NET framework
  • Employees can move between devices and all time is combined
  • Employees can be clocked in/out, and switched between jobs, departments, tasks (phases and cost codes), operated equipment, or worker's comp classes throughout the day or hours can be entered at end of day (after the fact)
  • Supervisors can allocate departments, jobs, and/or tasks to employee time through user friendly timesheet allocation screen in administrative software for those employees just clocking in and out without reporting jobs and tasks real time
  • Crew features available for input, clock in/out, reporting, or tracking of an entire crew at a time
  • User definable prompts for all devices
  • Drop down list control for all drop downs per device
  • Automatic relation of phase or cost code to jobs in drop down menus
  • Track Pay IDs or Pay Groups per transaction
  • Travel time tracking and reporting
  • Production quantity entry by employee or crew with powerful production reporting capabilities
  • Link employees to operated equipment or trucks or report equipment time separately (optional equipment module)
  • Report material items used, delivered, or purchased with purchase order numbers and/or serial numbers (optional materials module)
  • Receive latest employees, departments, jobs, and cost codes wirelessly via the Data-Maxx wireless sync software for mobile devices, as well as send collected back at any time.
  • Specific particular information to go to certain devices or user logins for dropdown lists available
  • Review/Edit of timecards on remote device
  • Reports of total hours on remote device by employee, job and job/cost code
  • Bulk time entry
  • Time Entry for salaried personnel with job/task breakdown, expense breakdown and notes
  • Automatic creation of timecards for salaried personnel
  • Exception reporting for missing or invalid entries
  • Automatic tracking of edits, login name, date/time edited, and information changed, viewable on screen as well as printable through edited punches reports
  • Electronic signature verification
  • Default employee parameters if not reported, such as department, job, and cost code
  • Utilize bar code readers, RFID readers, dropdown lists, or keyboard entry
  • Produce bar codes for employee badges, equipment, jobs, cost codes, and material items
  • Bar code ID badge printing system available for plastic durable badges
  • Expense and per diem reporting
  • Absence reporting and tracking
  • Break features
  • Automatic lunch deductions according to rules by employee or groups
  • Automatic calculation of overtime according to your rules with unlimited policy capability, by person, department, or job
  • Powerful premium policy control for calculation of special rate pay for Saturday/Sundays, minimum time and consecutive day rules, and accrual of other hours into overtime calculations.
  • Tracking of sick, vacation, holiday, and other earnings types
  • User definable Pay Codes / Pay IDs
  • Automatic rounding of time based on your rules, including job schedule rounding or company wide rounding
  • Daily Report functionality includes reporting of labor, equipment, quantities, material used, ordered and delivered, as well as weather, injuries, subcontractors, notes, extra work, job impacts, safety, injuries and more
  • Multi-level approvals for individual timecards and weekly timecards
  • Multiple company, multi-user, multi-division, and multi-department support
  • Shift tracking capability with shift differential calculations
  • Over 90 reports available to screen, pdf, Excel, Word, or printer
  • User definable imports and exports of text, Excel and text formats
  • Unlimited users in administrative software
  • Assign employees to supervisors, limit data user logins can see, screens they can view, and define what they can do within that screen i.e. edit / review / approve / add / delete
  • Automatic and on-going two way interface with job cost accounting system brings over latest employees, equipment, jobs, cost codes, as well as other important information and pushes data back on demand.  Job/cost code relationship brought over automatically
  • Over 100 interfaces available with popular accounting and payroll systems or payroll services
  • Export approved timecards only
  • Archive records utility





DataMaxx Equipment Tracking Software and Asset Management Features

  • Supports scanning of bar codes or RFID tags to identify equipment as well as dropdown lists
  • Bar code printing of equipment, jobs, cost codes, employees, or trucks
  • Check in/check out of equipment or small tools to employee, truck, job or cost code
  • Tracking of equipment maintenance tasks performed
  • Allows input of serial numbers
  • Entry of equipment usage hours by job, operator, cost code, etc.
  • Reports by last location of equipment or asset
  • Tracking of temporarily or permanently down equipment
  • Reports by job, customer, employee or truck of equipment, tools, or assets assigned
  • Entry of idle or used time
  • Entry of meter readings and fuel gallons
  • Integration to accounting system for equipment costing or asset tracking purposes

DataMaxx Production Tracking Software Features

  • Entry of quantities installed by job/cost code/crew
  • Budgeted quantities and manhours can be pulled from job cost accounting system or estimate
  • Production reports available by crew, job, or cost code
  • Integration to job cost accounting system for actual units placed

DataMaxx Materials and Inventory Control Tracking Software Features

  • Supports scanning of bar codes, RFID tags, or dropdown lists to identify items with handheld device
  • Print bar code labels for items, jobs, cost codes, equipment, employees, trucks, or locations
  • Item tracking by bin or serial number
  • Scan stock receipt deliveries from vendors
  • Receive purchase orders on handheld device from purchase orders entered into accounting system
  • Fill requisitions entered in accounting system
  • Transfer items between locations or trucks
  • Check items out as they are taken to a job
  • Return unsued items from jobs back to inventory
  • Perform physical counts
  • Track quantities on hand of items by item and by item/location
  • Inventory reports
  • Integration to job cost accounting or inventory control system or can be used standalone



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