DataMaxx Production Management System

Tracking Quantities Produced by Your Mobile Workforce, Shop and Plant Personnel

Use our powerful software and mobile devices to track important production quantity information. With the DataMaxx production tracking system, you can enable your stationary or mobile workforces to enter the quantities they install or produce. Accurately track budgeted quantities and man hours per job and/or task, as well as get a comparison of the actual man hours and quantities versus the budget. Data can be entered from a Smartphone or tablet, rugged mobile device, wall clock, PC time clock, as well as Daily Report. User definable menus let you determine what information needs to be obtained when production is entered. Production reports can be printed by crew, by job and by job/cost code.

With our bar code software, you can print bar codes for the items you want to track or they can be chosen from a drop down menu. The input of quantities can be done per employee, per crew or per job/cost code.

In addition to capturing the information for quantities placed, you can also use our employee time tracking software on the jobsite for input of labor time or you can use a construction time clock in the form of one of our many devices. See our Mobile Workforce page to view other time and attendance functionality we have available. Production quantities can be entered, as well as other jobsite data including weather, extra work performed, notes, materials used and other valuable data in our Daily Report module.

Best of all, our data collection solutions two way with your job cost accounting system, construction project management software and payroll systems. We can bring over your budgeted units and man hours to give you accurate reports on valuable information needed for estimating (as well as use the DataMaxx system standalone).  View a list of our production management system features on our System Features page. Know whether you are on target with your budget right away instead of weeks down the road.

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