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Stationary Workforces

Time management tracking and payroll time attendance is the heart of our system.  Combine electronic data capture in the form of user friendly electronic time clocks with DataMaxx's powerful time tracking software, and eliminate your manual timesheets today.

We can recommend and supply equipment that will make the data collection process easy for you and your staff.  Whether you want to clock employee's time in and out, switching jobs, departments and/or tasks throughout the day or whether you want them to enter their hours at the end of the day, we have time and attendance tracking software that is right for you.  We provide the largest selection of time attendance equipment available and you can mix and match any of our devices for your environment to choose the data collection tool that is right for you.  Employees can be reported on multiple devices and all data transmits back to your office.  You can choose standard network timeclocks, mobile timeclocks, biometric readers, fingerprint scanners, RFID readers, PC timeclock, or your staff can use our Time Entry web based entry portal to enter, edit, or approve time, as well as report notes, activities and expenses.

Our bar code software can produce employee badges with your company logo, employee photo and other important information or we can supply a badge printing system that allows you to produce your own durable plastic badges.   Our timeclocks are also capable of reading RFID badges and bar code ID badges  so you may be able to use existing building access badges for identification.  To see our wide selection of data collection tools, visit our Collection Devices page.

With our employee tracking software, you can have employees clock in and out on the electronic time clock, capturing job, department or task at entry point or have your supervisors allocate that information to the time later during the day when it is convenient.  Utilize a full array of login security, data access controls, as well as approvals and edit processes.  Obtain time attendance management reports by date range, employee, department, job or task.  The DataMaxx clocking software also contains setups for your company polices and rules on time rounding, lunch deductions, holiday time, vacation time, as well as many other features.  To see a full list of our time and attendance system features, visit our Software Features page.

And best of all, the information is captured electronically, and passed on to your accounting and/or payroll system or service electronically.  Or use our time clock system standalone if you choose.

At DataMaxx, software data collection is what we do best.  Call us for an online demo or join one of our webinars given weekly, and let us show you all of the functionality you can have available at your fingertips today.

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